Linux RoadRunner Setup

Last Modified: June 20, 2002

Okay, so you have 2 (or more) computers and your too cheap to pay for extra road runner accounts. Here is what you will need:

  • A linux box with 1 network card (redhat 6.0 or greater is best)
  • A 10MB hub ($20-$25)

First you need to make sure you have the following options compiled into your kernel:
(run make menuconfig in /usr/src/linux)

  • Network Firewalls
  • IP firewalling
  • IP always defragment  (this option was removed in newer kernels)
  • IP masquerading
  • ICMP masquerading
  • aliasing support  (this allows you to do the eth0:1 interface)

Okay create a /etc/rc.d/rc.local file that looks like this:
    # Force Ip forwarding to activate
    echo "1" > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward
    # Insert protocol specific modules
    /sbin/insmod /lib/modules/2.2.XX/ipv4/ip_masq_cuseeme.o
    /sbin/insmod /lib/modules/2.2.XX/ipv4/ip_masq_ftp.o
    /sbin/insmod /lib/modules/2.2.XX/ipv4/ip_masq_irc.o
    /sbin/insmod /lib/modules/2.2.XX/ipv4/ip_masq_quake.o
    /sbin/insmod /lib/modules/2.2.XX/ipv4/ip_masq_raudio.o
    /sbin/insmod /lib/modules/2.2.XX/ipv4/ip_masq_user.o
    /sbin/insmod /lib/modules/2.2.XX/ipv4/ip_masq_vdolive.o
    # Default forward policy = DENY
    /sbin/ipchains -P forward DENY
    # Setup masqurading 
    /sbin/ipchains -A forward -i eth0 -j MASQ
    # Keeps sessions from timing out too quickly 
    /sbin/ipchains -M -S 604800 30 30
    # Set permenant ip address of the machine
    /sbin/ifconfig eth0:1
    # Start DHCP server to obtain ip address from roadrunner
    /sbin/dhcpcd eth0
Next plug EVERYTHING into your hub

Now setup your client machines with a 192.168.0.XXX address
and a gateway of and your done.