Linux Pacbell DSL Setup Q&A

Last Modified: June 20, 2002

I can't logon!
Make sure your using username and not username@pacbell

Every time I run adsl-start I get timed out!
I've seen the adsl client timeout when there is a physical break in the link between the modem and the machine. Are your running directly between the computer/modem, or is there funkyness between them (hubs, long ethernet, etc), check that first. Its the little things that screw you up.

Another way to Double check that your machine has a GOOD path to your dsl routesr is to look at your modem lights. As you run the adsl-start you SHOULD see your modem flash its activity lights).

The ONLY other time i have seen this was when pacbell "accidently" deleted a months worth of accounts from their router (me being one of the lucky ones who got dumped).

If you have access to a windows box you can load their software and confirm that your account is actually good. I finally did this and discovered that it wouldn't even work under windows.