Convert Ghost tracks from mp1 to mp3

Convert Ghost tracks from mp1 to mp3

I was really excited to hear about the new NIN opensource style release. I poped over and bought the 384bitrate mp3s.
Then i downloaded them to my ancient but loved riocar/empeg player, jumped in my car and was met with a "Invalid file type" error on my drive home, boo!

Upon closer inspection i discovered that these .mp3 files were actually .mp1! Thats right, MPEG 1.0 layer I, 128 kbit/s, 48000 Hz stereo wtfbbq?!

I can only think that this was a mistake. says they used lame (the best mp3 encoder around), but lame dosn't even support mp1! I went back to the site to see if i could download another version (flac) but you are only allowed one type.

In desperation i decided to transcode them. But my transcodes left a horrible POP at the begining of each track!
A quick glance thru the mpg321 manual and --skip 7 (skip the first 7 mp3 frames, thanks danny) fixed it.

Here it is for anyone else who might need it. Next time i'll download the larger FLAC files i guess. I figured i'd save them some bandwidth, oh well