Well my gun worked okay, but i thought it should do more!!

Warning:After a year of fevered use, small cracks appeared in the nose cone
Eventually it fell (well actually shot off and hit someone) off, i glued it back on with hotmelt and all is well...
I don't regret it though, its SOO much more fun modified!

In this (the default) configuration the tornado fired a total of 57.75Feet

In order to do ANY of this you first have to remove the nose

Removing the nose AND the absorbing stopper resulted in 61.5Feet total distance

Removing just the absorbing stopper Resulted in the MAX distance of 67.33Feet and is the winner!

So basically this is not your friend

Here is my test hall:

After this mod DO NOT shoot anyone point blank, it will HURT!
I recommend shooting yourself in the hand first, then if you feel its warranted go shoot others, but i wouldn't