Now i don't care if this isn't the "right way" to make a Long Island Iced Tea, this is a DAVE'S ISLAND ICED TEA so back off!!!

Here is what you will need:
NOTE: 'part' can just be a shot glass worth

1. Fill a metal shaker full of ice and add everything BUT the Pepsi.
2. Shake the shaker, it should get VERY cold and the ice will melt away.
3. Toss some new ice in a glass and pour it in (your old ice should be gone)
4. Top with some Pepsi (it adds color/flavor and has an additional benefit)

The neat thing about this drink is its stealthy. Its undectable on radar, it can drop bombs behind enemy lines and escape unseen, here is the secret. The drink naturally cancels itself out, you can barely taste ANY alchol, if done right....The lemon juice helps your body to convert the alchol into sugars at a 3x rate! (sugar is what makes you drunk), Therefore you get drunk at 3x the rate, the advantage of course in a party type situation is that you get your friends drunk 3x faster, and hence SOBER 3x quicker as well, and you'll feel much better at the end of the night when everyone goes home sober (or if they kept drinking, passes out on the way to their car). The trick of the Pepsi on top is that it can cover little errors on your part. Once your a "little" tipsy (Pepsi with 4 hardcore alchols can do that too you!) you normally don't notice the alchol taste as much (i guess your tongue is already hammered), so this gives us room for small mistakes, without someone taking their first sip and proclaiming it rubbing alchol.
I highly suggest this drink to anyone who wants to get plowed fast, or anyone who HATES the taste of alchol. Just don't let them see what you make it with, they will run in fear.

And remember the ONLY thing you should drive when your drunk is my Vcar, and its okay if you crash it.