All these were used in real world application, no random assortmont of "should works"

[Generic K56 Info]
[CONFIRMED] Non 56k modem won't connect to a 56k dialing? Add ,,,, to the end of the phone number, this will create a long enough pause for the modem to skip hearing the FUNKY 56K tones. You may need to play with the number of commas. [CONFIRMED] Does modem report 115k or 56k connections??? add w2 to init string to enable DCE vs. DTE connect messages [UNCONFIRMED] To disable x2, add: S32=32 (for Sportster: likely will work on all X2 modems) S58=1 (for Courier) [UNCOFIRMED] These may help to disable x2 also: s15.7=1 &N16&U8 &N16 S32.5=1
[CONFIRMED] Transfer problems in 95/NT? turn off flow control! under port settings [CONFIRMED] AT&F2 Normal handshake then LOTS of noise at the end of the negotiations? This will fix it. [CONFIRMED] AT&F0 Seems to fix negotiations that just NEVER finish.. [CONFIRMED] Fixes disconnects, and flow control problems. Don't do this until you've turned off flow control under the port settings in windows 95. This init turns off normal flow control and data compression, and does it someother way?! at&f1&k0&i0s33=32s15=128s27=64 [WARNING] *don't do this* &D0 disables DTR detecton. must +++ to do ATH [CONFIRMED] S25=200 ignore DTR drop for 200/100 Seconds (2 seconds) [UNCONFIRMED] S10=100S12=0 i forget, try it. &n=0 Highest Link Speed &n=8 14400 bps &n=9 16800 bps &n=10 19200 bps &n=11 21600 bps &n=12 24000 bps &n=13 26400 bps &n=14 28800 bps &n=15 31200 bps &n=16 33600 bps [CONFIRMED] Transfer problems in 95/NT? turn off flow control! under port settings [CONFIRMED] Netscape dialer uses the wrong init string for a 14.4k. Change to a generic driver. (atz) [CONFIRMED] Internet explorer's dialer uses a bad init. reload factory at&f1 and change IE's to atz
[CONFIRMED] Accura 56k won't connect? AT&FS95=44S202=32+MS=56,1,36000,56000W2&W [CONFIRMED] Hayes accura modems have old/bad firmware. Customers can find updates from version .519 to the newest at http://www.hayes.com/56k/beta/ If the firmware is before .519 they can do a free advance replacement with the company, the form to do this can be found on the website as well.
[UNCOMFIRED] report of problems with NT and the 28.8 internal i was unable to assign the modem a com port after detecting it.
[CONFIRMED] PP 33.6 will not work with NT 3.51 without a driver from PP's webpage. [CONFIRMED] Some 33.6k Minitowers made from July-August in 1997 have a firmware bug that will cause them to lockup and refuse to transfer data. More info & a list of bad serial numbers is at http://www.practical.com/faq/mt336.shtml
[COMFIRED] Supra internal modems are PNP! Make sure the modem isn't on com 5 or something wacky like that. Under communications there should be nothing for the com port you have modem on. These will not work unless the driver for windows 95 is loaded. [CONFIRMED] SupraExpress 33.6K MAC. When the modem won't even pass username try init string at&f2 (this was under old configPPP)
[Bullet Telecom]
[CONFIRMED] 28.8 init string (dialing problem) AT&FEVQM1X0S7=120!
[CONFIRMED] 28.8 init string (at&h1&r2&b1&k1&m4&s54=196) i ran this in hyperterminal and the system freaked out, but then the dialer started working. I did recieve an error response when i put it in (i don't think the modem has a s54 reg.). The same person called back a month later. An ATZ fixed it. (also tried at&f) [UNCONFIRMED] AT&F&C1&D2&Q5\V0^M fixed a SQ3465

[MultiTech Systems]
[CONFIRMED] Multimodem 28.8k, use at&f1
[ ZOOM ]
[CONFIRMED] Comstar 56k Inits: AT&FS95=44S202=32+MS=56,1,36000,56000&W AT&FS95=44S202=32S10=200+MS=56,1,38000,56000&W
[UNCONFIRMED] TelePath FAXmodem AT&FQ0V1W1X4S0=0S2=255S48=7&C1&D2&K3&Q5%C1%E1S36=7S46=138S95=44\N3&Y0 [CONFIRMED] X2 MODEM at&n=16s10=200s25=200s10=0 May fix connection problems with a K56 dialin. Gateway computers seem to use these. Worked in one instance.
[CONFIRMED] AT&F&C1&D3%C1\J0\N7\Q2\V2S7=60 fixes handshake problems on TI 33.6 modems.
[UNCONFIRMED] Fujitsu Laptop 56k modems have a flow control problem. Downloading the new .INF file may fix them. You can get it at fujitsu's site © Copyright David Mcanulty 98, 97