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Top row       2x 0877230010 - Molex Compact flash and sdcard socket PDF datasheet
Center Left   3x 0015244449 - Molex 4pin pc style power sockets PDF datasheet
Center Center 3x 0003061055 - Molex 5pin socket PDF datasheet
Center Right  3x 896-43-004-00-000000 - Mill-Max USB TYPE A connectors Manufacturs page
Bottom Left   3x 110-93-314-10-002000 - Mill-Max DIP relay socket (only 8 conductors) Manufacturs page
Bottom Center 2x 0494481611 - Molex M-SD/SIM COMBO SOCKET PDF datasheet
Bottom Right  1x 5025700893 - Molex MICROSD CARD CONN. PDF datasheet