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3x ST10F276Z5Q3 - ST brand MCU 16BIT 832kb FLASH 144-PQFP PDF datasheet
10X STMPE811QTR - ST brand 16QFN Advanced resistive touch screen controller with 8-bit GPIO expander PDF datasheet
3X L297D013TR - ST brand IC CONTROLLER STEP MOTOR 20-SOIC PDF datasheet
3X 2SB772 - ST brand TRANSISTOR PNP MEJ PWR SOT32 Power Bipolar Transistors -30VCEO -5VBE PDF datasheet
2x MAX7456EUI+ - Maxim brand Single-Channel Monochrome On-Screen Display with Integrated EEPROM Manufacturs page
2X MAX1474AXT+ - Maxim brand Miniature Electronically Trimmable Capacitor Manufacturs page
2X MAX6639AEE+ - Maxim brand 2-Channel Temperature Monitor with Dual, Automatic, PWM Fan-Speed Controller Manufacturs page
5X DP83849CVS/NOPB - National brand IC TCRX ETHERNET PHY DUAL 80TQFP PDF datasheet
3X QSB34CGR - FAIRCHILD Infrared Emitter/Sensor Assemblies PHOTOSENSOR.PIN PDF datasheet
2X MMA1260EGR2 - Freescale Acceleration sensor COLOSUS 1.5 PDF datasheet
2X MPXHZ6115A6T1 - Freescale Pressure sensor absolute(element only, no hose connector) SSOP INTGR W/SIFEL PDF datasheet
5X MC9S08EL16CTJ - Freescale 8-bit MCUs 9S08 UC W/ 32K 0.25UM SG PDF datasheet