V2.10 launched Aug 23, 2004 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- V2.20 (Sept-12-2004) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Removed bugs: Problems (occasional) in copying databases with nonempty AppInfo/SortInfo Crash in drag that followed file info dialog Bug in the IconCache Crash when download a zip file into Explorer (Treo) Text files could not be truncated Readonly database could not be deleted from RAM Some operations were too slow and could possibly create the impression of "freezing" New: When RE receives (via beam, download, from a mailer etc.) an offline file (i.e. RE is not launched), the received path becomes the startup path for the next launch. "Apply to all" added to the confirmation dialogs during the multiple delete. Non-blocking wait indicator introduced. (Shares the location with the memory indicator) Several operations strongly optimized - mostly those concerned with the multi-selection. New option: 'Center button opens menu' Works only for the list (Opening/closing tree branches via center button seems to be more important) New context menu option for RAM: 'Show orphaned files' shows databases with CreatorId's not found among the installed apps. HotSync Control panel allows the editing of the HotSync paths. Cursor control in the multiselect mode : Tapping ".." changes to parent directory ".." is automatically unselected if another item is selected -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- V2.30 (Nov-12-2004) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Interfacing to external apps Direct launching of iSilo, Wordsmith, TiBR, TealDoc, LionDoc, ReadThemAll, mmPlayer, AeroPlayer. Several popular applications could not be included, as they do not offer suitable control interface. Viewers, players, readers - "External Tools" dialog allows to select default reader, viewer and audio player. - "Show player console" command allows displaying a small PocketTunes/AeroPlayer console if they are running. Command is not available for the other audio players. Associations Associations and HotSync control panels merged together. The associations can be added/deleted and the respective HotSync path defined. (This e.g. provides a way to copy any file to the card.) The list of associations is sortable. Associations can be backuped and later restored. This helps to recover associations lost e.g. by reset. Preferences Saved/unsaved preferences organized as folder with separate items. (One record = one item.) Preferences are thus sortable and the relation to the application can be traced easily. Individual records can be viewed or deleted. Context menu: Several new objects offer context-sensitive menu on long pen tap: - Up title bar button shows a kind of a path bar. - Back/forward buttons let the user select previously visited folders. - Shift button offers multi-select actions. - Column setup available either as an option dialog or on a long tap of the column header. (Column locking removed as this feature caused confusion.) Options: - Long press of the 5way center button on a file optionally opens its context menu. (General Options) - Column setup available either as an option dialog or on a long tap of the column header. - Column locking removed as this feature caused confusion. Built-in viewer: Text mode uses the standard text viewer (contents limited to the first 64K) Text viewer allows small fonts. (Available via menu) Other news Category tree can be edited (delete, drag between categories) Folder drag&drop (or copy&paste) possible New tree nodes: RAM and ROM DB info dialog allows changing of the DbType and CreatorId (use with care) Browser history is preserved across a sublaunch of an external application -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- V2.40 (Jan-31-2005) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Backup - Backup and restore to and from your expansion cards - Very fast backup solution - Customize what is backed up or restored - Advanced file selection filter - Optional encryption and compression of backup files - Incremental backup possible - Multiple backups possible - Multiple device/users can backup to the same card - Backup uses zip format and allows the same manipulations as any other zip archive. (The only difference is that because of speed reasons the backup does not compute crc.) OS4 handhelds should use zip "Store" mode as the compression would take too long. - Backup folder: /Palm/BackupE Network Connectivity Explorer co-operates with WiFiGenie (http://www.iscomplete.org/Store/WiFiGenie.asp) - a powerful utility that allows access to remote drives as if they were on the handheld. This way you can exchange images, songs etc. between a PC and your handheld, or download important data from the web. Resco Explorer will add more enhanced network management tools in the future releases. Other news - Exporting file list to the memopad (main menu) - Special RAM filters showing locked or opened databases (RAM context menu) - Improved toolbar (switchable from the title bar) - Improved preferences (hacks etc. recognized) - Direct launching of Kinoma player files - Lot of things were optimized (e.g. zip) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- V2.41 (Feb-24-2005) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Main menu is formally reorganized (user request), "Repair Exchange Prefs" renamed to "Repair Associations" T5/T650 - Focus ring works in several dialogs - Corrected; Closing of the main menu when the search box had the focus Backup: - Files opened for exclusive access are skipped, - PIM databases, T3 DIA patch etc. allowed - 'ResetAfterInstall' attribute is checked (Implies reset after the restore is completed) - Explorer version on the card checked - Backup file selection remembered Removed bugs: - Restore did not find the archived backups on the handhelds with multiple cards. - Crash in 'Backup Associations' - Moving apps among categories - Crash when accepting downloaded zip (T600) - Crash when viewing images via Media application -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- V2.42 (Mar-21-2005) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Html files on the card can be opened if you have one of these browsers: WebPro 3+, Blazer 3+, NetFront (Clie), Novarra 3+. These browsers can't handle local files: Blazer 2, Clipper, AvantGo, EudoraWeb - Delete of documents copied from the card to RAM prior to launching associated app after the viewing has finished. Remark: The document changes are not saved back to the card! (Should be done in the future.) Backup verification: - Verify backup menu option enables reliable check of the selected backup. The function performs bytewise comparison of every backup-ed database to the original RAM database. - The same option is available in the backup itself. T5/T650 ------- - RAM info includes the DbCache state. - New column added - NVFS size. While the original 'Size' column reports the size when the DB is dumped to the card, 'NVFS size' reports the size on the NVFS drive. This size is usually higher. - Backup-related dialogs are equipped with additional safety measures: -- The dialogs check for the presence of risky background tasks that are known to cause a crash after DbCache gets filled. (I.e. those apps are not prepared to work around the Palm OS bugs.) -- Restore dialog checks DbCache and a suggestion to reboot is issued if the free space is too low. (Nevertheless, the restore might succeed even without the reboot. The reboot just decreases the probability of the DbCache corruption.) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- V2.50 (May-07-2005) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Speed and other optimizations: - Backup slightly faster - Restore faster more than 2 times - Incremental update is much faster. (Depends on... In some case even 10 times.) - Backup encryption was speeded up approx. 10 times (at least for ARM machines) so that it now adds only some 10% to the time of the non-encrypted backup. - Verify substantially faster - Remembering database selection takes much less space Backup functionality: - allows DB records longer than 64K - correctly treats non-ascii DB names - allows optional crc computation (compatibility to the other zippers) - Possibility to exclude old PIM databases - Net Library added to the exclude list (dangerous to restore) - eBooks are not compressed in the fast compression mode because they are as a rule already compressed and the usual gains are up to 10%. Other news: - Zipper faster by 25% (ARM only) - Zipper is able to work with smaller memory. (Makes sense mainly for Palm OS4 users.) - Rename of files with very long names possible - Tungsten E2 compatibility - 2 cards with identical labels are now tolerated. - NVFS handhelds: comparison NVFS size vs. DB size is now possible in the PALM_DM folder of the built-in drive. This was necessitated by the changed naming convention palmOne applied to the newest handhelds. Removed bugs: - Crashes when working with databases with records larger than 64K - Bug in the name mangling for non-ascii database names - Prevents creation of empty __smll__.zip file (in case of elimination of small databases), that in turn occasionally resulted in the "Backup Corrupt" error message. Compatibility: Name mangling is incompatible to the previous release. The consequence is that databases with names containing non-standard characters use different names in the backup set than the previous version. Comments on NVFS ---------------- More NVFS problems resolved, but the success of all backup operations is further on matter of chance. Suggested policy: - Stop background apps. (At least those discovered by Backup.) - Run backup. - In case of a crash update the interrupted backup. - When ready, run Verify. Delete all different files and run Backup Update again. (Keep in mind, that some databases are naturally modified - e.g. preferences and various caches. Differences in those files do not signify any problem.) Comments on PIM databases ------------------------- The following concerns T3+ (T3, T5, T650, E2) palmOne handhelds. These handhelds should switch on "Skip old PIM DBs", while the remaining devices may ignore this setting. Old PIM databases: This term represent AddressDB, DatabookDB, MemoDB, ToDoDB. These DBs are not used on T3+ palmOne handhelds. Actual PIM data are stored in other databases. Old databases should be skipped to avoid potential conflicts with new PIM databases during the Restore operation. PIMsSupportStatuspdme is backed up always (palmOne advice). This is the palmOne statement: In general, the backup policy should be: If the new PIM databases and the compatibility layer are present on the device, don't back up (export/import) the old PIM databases and leave everything else as they are... The 'PIMsSupportStatus-pdmE' database should be backed up as well, because it does not only contain 'cleanup' information for the old PIM databases, it also cleans up the new ones whenever they have empty records (which typically happens when the old PIM databases are being accessed and then the device resets)... Update v2.50.1 (May 24, 32005) ------------------------------ Bug correction: Backup sets not recognized after a hard reset until the HotsyncId was defined. Databases with records larger than 64K can be zipped, copied to RAM, card etc. Update v2.50.2 (May 27, 32005) ------------------------------ TH55: preview of the local html files Right Explorer pane: +/- keys for fast scrolling (useful mainly for Treo) Update v2.50.3 -------------- eReader added to the reader list *(should work for bothe free eReader and eReader Pro) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- V2.51 (Aug-15-2005) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Better backup - LifeDrive users should exclude readonly DBs as these files are normally preinstalled on hard reset. This may prevent some conflicts at the restore phase. (Readonly databases are listed with 'R' attribute.) Warning: The above statement is true unless you do not modify the readonly flags yourself. - Categories are backed up. etc. New commands - Install - a shortcut for copying databases from card to the RAM (accessible via Context menu) - Card Format (Context menu) - Copy To... - lets the user select folder, where the current selection (files, folders) is copied. - Export list as txt... - Same as 'Export list as memo' except it creates a card txt file. (CSV format) Optimizations Folder loading much faster Improved support for small fonts: faster drawing, more lines per page Cursor: Longer scrolling subsequently increases the scroll speed. Cursor: T650: optionKey + Up/Down is interpreted as PgUp/Dn Other news: Search/filter dialogs allow for search by DbType/Creator TCPMP player supported Txt/bin viewers offer the possibility to delete the viewed file. DB viewer displays locked attribute for the record databases. (Locked records have "Ln" suffix in the record list, where "n" is the lock count.) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- V2.52 (Sep-09-2005) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Treatment of databases with null records is changed: While in the past versions the null records were ignored, they are now preserved (copied, backed up, restored). This type of databases is very rare. (Used e.g. by TomTom Navigator.) Solved some conflicts between ROM and RAM files using the same name. (E.g. in Backup Verify, copying from RAM to ROM, preview of the ROM database etc.) T650 browsing: Shift+Up/Down is interpreted as PgUp/Dn. Comparison by CreatorID is case-insensitive Exotic RAM DB name (containing special chars such as '/', ':' etc.) are now supported. Copy To dialog offers copy/move choice. Improvements in the reception of the beamed files. (E.g. possibility to switch to Explorer.) Removed crash in the Control Panel / Alarms. Corrected DB preview for databases with empty (null) records. Zip: Correct refresh of the file size after a zipped file was edited. Click on a ROM database: The DB is not copied to RAM anymore. Copying files larger than 40MB: Correction of the progress bar Correction for the Palm OS bug/feature, when the OS ignores the AppInfo/SortInfo blocks during the size computation. Update V2.52.1 -------------- Fixed the path translation in the Categories tree and Search results. (Error dmErrCantFind) Fixed problem in copying card files storing DB with diferent name to the RAM over existing older version. (Upgrade from the file with name differing from the DB name.) Repair Associations reports the CreatorID's of the apps that are illegally registered. Ordering of the context menu items modified. (User request) Fixed small fonts in the list on OS4 devices. Update V2.52.2 -------------- Prev/next commands in the DB viewer implemented: - via buttons - via left/right 5way keys (models without focus navigation) - shift+up/down (treo) Associations dialog optimized for speed. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- V2.61 (Nov-28-2005) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Documents --------- New root folder "Documents" allows creating virtual subfolders that can hold links to files or databases. Documents can have can have any subfolder hierarchy creating thus a virtual file system. File links can added using drag/drop, copy/paste etc. By default, subfolders "Documents", "Images" and "Music" are created and populated with known suitable databases. Each document folder can have assigned a query. The query is defined via the document folder info dialog and allows to specify any combination of the RAM documents/images/music databases and a card folder/mask. E.g. you can specify this query: All RAM images + all card "jpg;gif" files from /DCIM folder. To activate the query call the Refresh command (document folder context menu). Refresh will add the links satisfying the query and delete invalid links. "Invalid link" refers to non-existing RAM databases or card files. Explorer won't delete card links that point to a card that is not inserted. (Notice, that if you don't label your cards distinctly, Explorer will not recognize the card swap.) One-handed operation on the applications/document folders: - Left/right icons when the categories combo-box in the top left corner is selected. - Treo users can additionally use option+left/right (irrespectively from the cursor position) New special filter 'Show Documents' is accessible from the RAM context menu. As the name suggests, it shows known RAM documents. Icon View --------- Explorer right pane can now be presented as an icon list. (Main menu option 'Toggle Icon View'.) The icon view may be selected independently for either Documents/Applications or the remaining folders. General Options allow to select large or small icons. Launcher View ------------- When you open one of the doc/apps folders and hide the tree and the toolbar, you get the launcher view with the typical category selection combo-box. Unlike other launchers the combo-box offers not only application categories, but also the root document folders. Application interfaces --------------------- - doc, txt, rtf, xls, xml or csv files can be opened for via MobiSystems Office. (Needs MobiOffice v7.25+) - Repligo interface works for documents located either in RAM or in the Repligo documents folder. Supported file types: Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, Project, Visio, Web pages etc. Needs Repligo v2.1.4+ available from http://www.cerience.com/viewers/pc.php and from http://www.repligo.com - Documents To Go: Supports doc, xls, ppt files and (since the v8.0) also pdf files. Needs DTG 7.0+. Associations ------------ Associations-related menu options were moved to the "Manage Associations" dialog. 'Restore on each Reset' checkbox in this dialog allows the automatic restore of associations after each reset/Hotsync. These are the 2 typical events when associations use to be modified either by OS or 3rd party applications. (Explorer tries to be the last application that modifies the associations, but this in fact cannot be guaranteed.) External tools dialog ---------------------- - Added the possibility to select user-selected tool. - Out of the standard tools only those are listed that are installed. Name mangling -------------- is used less frequently. Example: Database "Franšais" is copied to the card as "Franšais.pdb", while previous versions would use "Fran%E7ais.pdb" replacing š by its hexadecimal code. Mangling is used only for non-printable characters and characters forbidden in the file names. Full name mangling is used further on in backup. Other news ----------- Info dialog - added 5way navigation. Smart history: Remembers only folders where non-trivial activity was performed. Titlebar reorganized to better fit the launcher view. Toolbar icon replaced by a small triangle in the bottom right corner. Context menu of individual apps in applications folders: Added options Explore (access to the application resources), Beam. Speed optimization. v2.61.1 ------- Added button for the "Toggle Icon View" (bottom right corner) Search/Filter: - Type/creator search is case sensitive - DB files on the card can be searched for the type/creator as well v2.61.2 ------- Backup - added support for Hotsync names containing characters that are invalid in the file names. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- V2.70 (Feb-17-2005) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Launcher: - Improved mapping of the HW home button. - Interface to PalmPDF (prepared for PalmPDF v1.1) - New documents category - eBooks Card applications: - Launching substantially improved - Display icons similarly to the RAM apps For techies: - List of notifications (Control panel) - List of protected DBs (RAM / Special Filter) And: - Backup sets can be renamed. (Info about the backup date is stored in a special file called ".info".) - Several bug corrections and optimizations