PDAapps.com: using TreoPictureCallerID

Usage Information for TreoPictureCallerID

To use TreoPictureCallerID, you must create and install an image database and create associations between phone numbers and images. The following discussion will help you understand both of these processes.

1. Download and install Palm Software: Download the TreoPictureCallerID.zip from here. Open the zip file and doubleclick on the prc file to set them up for installation on your Treo.

2. Download Image Database Creation Utility: You can associate phone numbers with either image in SplashPhoto, or with images created by an image utility included with TreoPictureCallerID. If you are going to use SplashPhoto images, please skip Step 6 below. Otherwise, please download the CallerIDHelper utility from here.

3. Install CallerIDHelper: Extract the contents of the downloaded zip file to a temporary folder. After extraction, go to the temporary folder in Windows Explorer and doubleclick on the PDAappsCallerIDHelper.msi file. This should start Windows Installer which will install this software on your computer.

If you have a previous version of CallerIDHelper installed, you will be prompted to Repair or Remove CallerIDHelper. You should first remove this version and then install the new version by double clicking on the PDAapps CallerIDHelper.msi file again.

4. Create Image Database: After the install completes, launch CallerIDHelper on your PC. After launching, add your pictures one by one into the CallerIDHelper window. For Each picture you can choose the part of the picture you want to keep by using the zoom and the slider tools. After you are done with a picture, you should "finalize" the image.

After you have added all the images you want to add, use the File Menu and select "Save". This will prompt you to save a image database of all the images in a palm database (.pdb). If appending images to an already existing image database do not use the "Save" command. Instead use the "Add to pdb" command.

After you have added all the images you want to add, click on the "Save" button. This will prompt you to save a image database of all the images in a palm database (.pdb). You should save this pdb file in an suitable location on your hard drive.

5. Install Image Database on Treo: Open Windows Explorer and go to the directory where you saved the Image Database file and double click on this ".pdb" file. This should setup your pdb file in the HotSync installer. After the next HotSync, the image database will be installed on your handheld.

6. Associate images with phone numbers: After creating and installing the image database, launch TreoPictureCallerID on your handheld. You can then scroll through the images you installed using the "Prev" and "Next" buttons. The image picture shown in this form is a thumbnail. To see the image you will actually see, tap on the picture in the main TreoPictureCallerID form. This will display a full screen version of the image. Tap on the image to go back to the normal view.

You can add a number to be associated with an image by entering the number in the "No. to Link/Unlink" text field and pressing the "Link" button. A linked number shows up in the Popup list labelled "Phone Nos. Linked" at the top of the screen. You can disassociate a number from an image by first selecting it in this popup list. This number then appears in the "No. to Link/Unlink" field. At this point you can press the "Unlink" button. If you tap on the address book icon, you can link in numbers from the address book or an entire address book entry with a picture.

Please note that phone numbers must be specified exactly as you see them when you get an incoming call. For example, if you see a particular number as 322-678-7895 in the phone's caller ID window, and you want to associate an image with this number, you must enter this number exactly when you link it. If you do not see an area code when you get a call from that number, do not enter the area code. In that case you would enter the number as 678-7895. More than one number can be associated with an image. However, a given phone number can only be associated with a single image.

When you are done creating your image database, you can quit the PhotoCallerID application, and you are now ready to receive phonecalls that show pictures.